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Indicative prices for cakes and cupcakes

The price of my cakes can vary depending upon the level of design and decoration on each cake, therefore please contact me for a more accurate quote.

However as a guide, prices for an individually hand crafted cake, unique to your chosen theme, serving 6 - 12 people typically start from £50, for a single tier cake made of vanilla sponge flavour cake with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream filling covered with fondant icing. Chocolate cakes cost around 1/3 more. Prices will obviously vary considerably depending upon the size of cake, number of tiers, and complexity and intricacy of the decorations for your theme or themes.

As a guide to the number of servings you can get from different sized cakes:

Number of servingsRound cake sizeSquare cake size
4 servings 3 inch 2.5 inch
6 servings 4 inch
9 servings 5 inch
12 servings 6 inch 5 inch
18 servings 7 inch 6 inch
24 servings 8 inch 7 inch
30 servings 9 inch
36 servings 10 inch 9 inch

2, 3 and 4 tier cakes can be made by any combination of the above sizes or with a spherical ball cake on top.

Cupcakes are usually priced from £2.50 per cupcake, with a minimum order of 12 cupcakes, plus £1 box charge per box of 12. The overall price will vary depending upon the complexity of the decoration on each cupcake. Each decoration is crafted by hand to match your theme.

A variety of cupcake display stands are available to rent if required.

Prices do not include delivery.

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