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Cupcakes decorated with numbers or names

Cupcakes for a birthday? Add a few cupcakes with the person's age on it? And put their name on a few others - up to 5 characters is best. Or for something even more special, you could add a photo cupcake or champagne bottle with the person's name and age on it.

18th birthday cupcake
Personalised with numbers: 18th birthday
40th birthday cupcake
40th birthday
Ladies 50th birthday cupcake
Ladies 50th birthday cupcake
Ladies 25th birthday cupcake
Ladies 25th birthday cupcake
Named cupcake
or a name with up to 5 characters
Set of 3 40th birthday cupcake
Multiple cupcakes
M in shells
If the name won't fit, what about an initial?
This one was made of edible model sea shells
to in a set of cakes themed with the beach
Charlie cupcake
7 characters can be fitted on, but it's a bit of a squeeze!
And it helps if there's an i and an l in there like Charlie!
Combine names with a theme cupcake
You can combine names with a theme - Charlie likes entertaining and cycling
Grant named cupcake
Other examples of named cupcakes
John's 50th birthday cupcakes
Kate named cupcake
Tom's birthday cupcakes
Annette named cupcake
Sana named cupcake
Or have the name and age on a
bottle of champagne on the cupcake

Blake named top tier cake
Named top tier cake - Blake

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