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Cake flavours

Cakes are generally available in the following flavours:

  • As standard cakes are Victoria Iced Sponge (vanilla sponge, with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream)
  • Alternatively cakes can be filled lemon curd and lemon flavoured buttercream, or raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream
  • Chocolate cakes are available, and typically cost approx 1/3 more than the same sized Victoria iced sponge

Cupcake flavours

Below are the flavours that I typically offer of cupcakes:

Regular cupcake flavours

  • Dolly Dreams - Vanilla sponge, buttercream, dolly mixtures
  • Marshmallow Mountains - Vanilla sponge, chocolate fudge topping, marshmallows
  • Smartie Parties - Vanilla sponge, chocolate buttercream, smarties

Buttercream cupcake flavours

  • Lemon - Vanilla sponge, lemon curd centre, with lemon buttercream
  • Strawberry - Vanilla sponge, strawberry jam core, strawberry buttercream
  • Raspberry - Vanilla sponge, raspberry jam core, raspberry buttercream
  • Cappuccino - Vanilla sponge, Cappuccino cream core, Cappuccino flavour buttercream
  • Champagne - Vanilla sponge, champagne flavour cream core, champagne flavour buttercream
  • Ginger - Vanilla sponge, ginger jam core, ginger buttercream
  • Raspberry and White chocolate - Vanilla sponge, raspberry jam core, white chocolate buttercream
  • Double choc chip - Chocolate chip sponge, chocolate buttercream
  • Mint Choc Chip - Chocolate chip sponge, mint buttercream<
  • Orange Choc Chip - Chocolate chip sponge, orange buttercream<


  • Red Velvet - Chocolate and cream
  • Carrot Cake - Carrot and raisin cake, orange cream topping
  • Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffin
  • Strawberries and fresh cream (seasonal)

Gluten Free cupcakes are now available in selected flavours

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