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Make a birthday really special with a personalised, individually designed cakes or cupcakes

Why not make a birthday really special. If you have some hobbies/themes that the birthday person really enjoys, I can produce a cake or set of birthday cupcakes personalised to a theme that will suit that person. Some examples of individual ideas are shown in the pictures below, and many more in the "themes" sections of this website. If you give me enough time, I will try to create sculptures to match your theme.

You can add simple customisation, such as the age of the person, or their name (up to 5 letters on a cupcake). Or you can change the quantity of each type of topping in the platter. The amount and types of customisation will affect the cost.

For a children's party, you could combine cupcakes with a small top tier cake - so the children can take a cupcake home in their party bag, with no mess and no cutting, and you're still left with a small top-tier cake for the family to enjoy.

Birthday cake
Birthday cake
Sana's 25th birthday cupcakes
Ladies 25th birthday cupcakes
Bradz 15th Birthday boy cupcakes
Boy's 15th birthday cupcakes
Birthday cupcakes
Birthday cupcakes for someone who like hedgehogs, birdwatching, and Paris
Mike's 65th - Rugby and michelin starred dinners cupcakes
Mike's 65th - cupcakes to celevrate Rugby and michelin starred dinners
Paul's birthday - radio comms
Paul's birthday - radio comms and Raspberry Pi cupcake
Ben's superheroes
Ben's birthday - Superheroes
Dad's Taxi and a puppy
Tim's birthday - Dad's taxi and a puppy
Paul's birthday
Paul's birthday (motorcycling)
Moira's birthday
Moira's birthday (Golf and flowers)
Annette's birthday
Annette's birthday (Cocktail parties and fashion)

Example party platter combined with customised cupcakes, top tier cake, and displayed on a display stand:
Party platter plus customised cup cakes plus top tier cake
Jack body-builder birthday cupcakes
Jack birthday cupcakes (body-builder)
Charlie's birthday
Charlie's birthday cupcakes (cycling, entertaining)
John's birthday
John's birthday (gardening and cricket)
Barbara's birthday
Barbara's birthday (horses, fashion, and cross-stitch needlework)
Dave's birthday
Dave's birthday (helicopters and skiing, and birthday is on Valentine's day)
Charlie's birthday
Charlie's birthday (Superheroes)

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